Get started with Rapid

If you want to experiment with Rapid you can use Rapid Portable which runs on Windows and contains an embedded Jetty server. This is the fastest way to get playing with Rapid and does away with the need to install and configure a Java web server yourself. Simply download the latest Rapid web application file (.war) and the Rapid Portable executable (.exe), and run!

Download Files

Follow the step by step instructions below

Download Rapid

Download the latest version of the Rapid .war file from GitHub by clicking here

Download Rapid Portable

Download the Rapid Portable executable by by clicking here

Using Rapid Portable

Follow the step by step instructions below

Run RapidPortable.exe

Locate the RapidPortable.exe file that you have just downloaded. Double-click it to run.

Locate Rapid Server

Click on the “Open Rapid .war file…” button, locate and open the .war file (you may need to change the file type to “All Files” to open other folders).

Grant permissions

You may also have to grant Rapid Portable permission through any firewall software you have on your computer.

Using Rapid

Follow the step by step instructions below

Administration Log in

Log in as “admin”, with password “admin”, to the use the administration and design tools, as well as the sample applications.

User Log in

Log in as “user”, with password “user”, to access just the sample applications, without permission to use the administration and design tools.

Use Rapid

Try the sample applications first, then the designer. Don’t forget if you have design rights you can move your mouse to the bottom left hand corner of the screen and click the gear to enter the Designer for the page you’re on.

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