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An easy to use open source platform for creating
powerful web, mobile, and form applications,
radically reducing development time and cost.

Rapid Application Platform

What is Rapid?

Rapid is an open source, drag and drop builder for web applications, offline mobile applications, forms, and webservice APIs. Apps can be created without code, and there are extendible interfaces for database connections, web services, security, and more. It has a light-weight footprint and avoids bloated, slow-to-load code. Rapid is the tool to support the modern, lean, agile, open approach to software development.

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Rapid mobile demo

Rapid form demo

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Rapid form demo

Rapid desktop demo

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Rapid desktop demo

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Users have full control to construct and implement instant results, eliminating the development time between the conception to live phase..


This structured system with pre-packaged HTML controls requires minimal coding, empowering less technical users
to successfully develop an application.


An open source software solution,
reducing the costs and time consuming development required of proprietary software.


Custom designed functionality to suit the needs and requirements of individual businesses. Controls and actions can be
extended, renamed or deleted at any time.

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