Showcased here are a number of apps we have made for our clients

Featuring a unique app that was made entirely by a client, with a little assistance from our support team!


Online housing application

Camden’s new housing application form was made entirely using Rapid, and was commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2015. The form features responsive design and unique, bespoke controls that can be reused for other Camden apps. Being a vital part in Camden’s operation, the turnaround for the entire housing application took just over 3 months in Rapid, with the previous form taking well over 2 years to develop! Each bespoke control that is created provides a completely unique experience within your app, that no other client of Rapid will have!

The most complicated bespoke control present in Camden’s housing application is the address search. This single control is capable of hooking into a database of addresses and searching through it to find what a user has entered in the search box. This single control also has the capability of logging in manual text entries if a user cannot find their address.

As the housing application was made using Rapid’s form capabilities it is possible for forms to be saved and resumed at a later date. Rapid forms work slightly different to normal Rapid apps, as they have more unique ways of progressing and ending. A summary screen is provided upon form completion, which displays all of the details that you wish to be returned. This summary screen can be fully customised and have a unique feel based on the requirements you may have. Bespoke for Camden’s housing application was the inclusion of downloading the summary as a pdf file.


Voids management app

Islington council commissioned the team at Rapid to create a voids management app for the purposes of aiding their surveyors in carrying out essential work on the field, without having to go back into the office to log voids details. Islington’s main goal was to create detailed works orders by searching for and adding individual schedule of rate (SOR) items, as well as conduct a number of property surveys, including the London accessible housing register. Currently in it’s second phase, the Islington app has seen a lot of use from it’s surveyors whilst still being developed and improved upon for a smoother, tighter experience. With a very few amount of meetings the voids management app has been put together and styled uniquely in conjunction with Islington’s website.

The voids management app has been developed completely from the ground up, with a user centred approach regarding how the app looks, feels and functions. The app was initially built for use with tablet devices however, being an app created in Rapid, it has responsive design elements that make it aesthetically pleasing on both desktop and tablet devices. Being made using Rapid’s mobile capabilities, it has functions that allow it to store data whilst offline, when a connection is not always guaranteed. This enables surveyors to create works orders and logs and store them locally, offline, whilst a connection is unavailable. When a connection is established the data can be sent off from when it was completed in offline mode.

Each phase took around 1 month to create and implement the full specification of requested features and functionality. With each new requirement that occurred it was very quick to hop into Rapid Design, make the improvements and publish them with immediate results. Due to how flexible Rapid is, it was able to integrate with Islington’s back office systems and databases to pull required information out when surveyors are searching for properties. The normal login details of surveyors is also able to be used when logging in to save on multiple confusing passwords.

Unique showcase – Camden

Caretaker supervisors app

Due to Rapid’s flexibility and our philosophies, it is entirely possible to take Rapid and run with it, creating your own unique app with completely individual styles and code. One of our Rapid champions at Camden has done exactly that; creating their own, completely individual Rapid app for use on mobile devices. At Rapid we encourage our clients to take Rapid into their own hands and create apps with feels and aesthetics that are unique to their needs, that we may not be able to replicate exactly how they wish it to look in their minds.

The caretaker supervisors app is built specifically for mobile applications, but is capable of also running on desktop and tablet devices. Rapid is able to support single sign-on, meaning you can log in once using existing credentials and Rapid will be able to recognise your account details from other systems. There are a number of options available for this as well, such as being logged out of the system after set periods of time in the event the app goes unused, or for security reasons.

As apps are able to be fully customised and personalised it is very easy to see two completely different looking and functioning apps. Assistance with personally created apps is also available, and Rapid promotes self learning of all the core coding principles, like CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and Java. By taking Rapid into your own hands it is a great way to flex your creative and programming knowledge.