Rapid Pricing

Here at Rapid Information Systems we pride ourselves on providing a quality product with an incredibly fair price.

Version capability description

Completely free!

The Community edition of Rapid is completely free! There are no charges attached to this edition and it comes with most of the bells and whistles the full edition of Rapid comes with. There are, of course, limitations to this version in comparison to the full version of Rapid, however the Community edition is enough to get your feet wet and is a good introduction for your future involvement with Rapid.

As Rapid is open source, you will be able to create your own actions and controls even in the Community edition. This is recommended for advanced programmers, as with this edition you will not receive support from our team with the creation and maintenance of these controls.


If you have had a taste of Rapid and are hungry for more, but aren’t quite yet convinced to purchase the full version, then the Starter pack is for you! The Starter provides installation, and support and maintenance for a single Rapid server and application.

Along with a bit more support than the Community edition, you will be able to create and evolve your Rapid application and have it hosted on one of our servers, making it accessible to the public.


The full version of Rapid, with all the bells and whistles, comes in at a fair £10,000. With the full version of Rapid you have access to up to 5 server instances with unlimited applications and throughput, access to our support portal and support team at Rapid, consultancy, publications of your apps onto Rapid Mobile, and much more!

With the Enterprise edition of Rapid you will have access to our dedicated support team, have more control over how updates and patches are handled on your Rapid instances, and have a stronger capability to create your own bespoke actions and controls in Rapid.

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use drag and drop application platform to build apps, that is fully customisable to boot, then your open source solution is here!

Features per version

Community Starter Enterprise
Cost per year £0 £1,500 £10,000
Number of applications Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Rapid server instances None 1 5
Bespoke controls and actions N/A N/A Consultancy and team available
Back-end code support None None Full team support and consultancy
Maintenance (Updates, patches, etc) None Limited Full support
Support None Moderate Full team support and consultancy

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