Rapid Mobile provides additional support for Rapid apps on mobile devices. Your Rapid application will be downloaded to your device so it runs faster, with or without a mobile signal or wifi. Images from your camera or gallery can also be brought into your app and uploaded to your server. GPS and location support is also provided.

Download Rapid Mobile for Android from Google Play at

Download Rapid Mobile for iOS from iTunes at

Download Rapid Mobile for Windows Phone from the Microsoft App store at

Google Play install url builder

Make things easy for your users with a Google Play install url. It will launch Google Play and correctly configure Rapid Mobile when it installs. Enter values for your Rapid platform into the boxes below, and a full url and hyperlink will be generated underneath.

Server url*
 The public url of your Rapid platform server. You must be able to access it from a browser on your mobile device
 The time the Rapid Mobile client will wait for response before assuming the device is offline
User name
 The user's login name. It must have been added in Rapid Admin. If your server performs ntlm enter the domain followed by a backslash first
 Providing the user password in urls is not recommended! A better approach is to use ntlm and check the device id
Show settings
 Whether the "Show server settings" checkbox is ticked
 The id of an application to immediately download and open
Http urlhttps://www.rapid-is.co.uk/install.htm
 Send the url in emails or sms messages for users to click on from their mobile device
Http linkInstall Rapid Mobile from http url
 Click on the link to visit the install page which will take you to Google Play
Market linkInstall Rapid Mobile from Google Play
 Click on the link from your mobile device to go straight to Google Play
QR code linkShow QR code to scan in settings
 Click on the link to show a QR code you can scan to add the settings