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Basic Support

Our experienced team at Rapid offer full training, technical support, and custom development. Tedious, time consuming and expensive software projects will be a thing of the past when using the Rapid application tool.

Get Started

A quick start guide to Rapid Portable which runs on Windows.


Create pages in your application, giving them their appearance and functionality.


Administration allows you to manage your Rapid server and applications.


HTML components that you can arrange on your page.


Respond to events on control such as click or blur.


Perform simple or powerful tasks like styling or sending data for processing.

Advanced Support


Rapid is designed to be easy to extend.


Define your own components in Rapid by following the schemas.

Creating controls

Make your own controls from simple text to complex address searches.

Creating actions

Make your own actions that can do anything on your server.

Database drivers

JDBC database drivers allow you to connect to virtually any database.

Data adapters

Add extra functionality to database connections like audit or connection pooling.

Authentication adapters

Control how users connect to Rapid from forms authentication to single sign on.

Security adapters

Define where your Rapid app’s security comes from be it a third party database or active directory.

Rapid Information Systems

One Solution.

Endless possibilities.

Rapid is an extremely flexible system with powerful functionality.

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