What is Rapid

Rapid is an open source application development tool with an instantaneous, live platform used to develop user friendly
interfaces to efficiently build web-based applications, mobile applications, forms, and webservice APIs.
Why Rapid

Rapid is an extremely flexible system with powerful functionality.

Create attractive web applications with less time and effort, supported by Rapid’s team of experts.

Our Mission

Rapid’s mission is to

progress from the initial idea to the actual implementation, in the shortest time-frame possible, whilst maintaining an exceptionally high quality standard.

Rapid's Core Features

Drag and drop

HTML page designer with complete, flexible drag and drop capabilities

Powerful functionality

From controls, events, and actions Rapid offers plenty of app capabilities right from the box

Choose styles

Create your own customised CSS look and feel, or choose from a range of themes


SQL and Oracle databases with other capabilities, such as third party webservice integration with SOAP, restful XML or JSON


Quick responses and rapid load times, which compliments the Rapid philosophy

Fully customizable

Create anything from customised themes to bespoke actions and controls

- More features

  • Fast – No heavy and bloated code to slow your apps down
  • Affordable – All of our solution options are incredibly fair on value
  • Easy to use – Simple, user friendly interface can have you up and running in minutes
  • Open source – Pushing to the future, our platform is fully open source
  • Low-code – You can do a vast variety of different things even without coding knowledge
  • Easily extendible – Creation of custom actions, events and controls
  • Frequently updated – We’re frequently adding improvements and enhancements
  • Easy to upgrade – Getting the latest version installed and running could not be easier
  • Cross-browser compatibility – Ranging from Chrome, Firefox and even IE8+
  • Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Create in house – Handle Rapid yourself, or we can manage your apps for you
  • Single platform for web-based applications, offline mobile applications, forms, webservice APIs
  • Security – User roles, single sign on, active directory integration or other third party providers
  • Modern reusable languages – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Java
  • JDBC database connections – Connect to virtually any database
  • Advance database connection capabilities – Connection pooling, named user connections

Who is Rapid for?

Manage your business with speed, quality and style!

Rapid allows users of all capabilities to produce professional, attractive and modern web applications that will conveniently interact with databases and web services.

With Rapid you can have decisions in minutes, apps in hours and results in days. Sporting a low cost and high quality, Rapid offers an open source, secure platform for apps using progressive coding standards and cross-platform compatibility.

Rapid turnaround

Have decisions in minutes, results in hours and apps in days

High quality

Rapid is a cost effective solution that does not skip out on quality for any of our clients

Latest web standards

Full compliance with up to date code for CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and Java


Due to Rapid’s simplicity no coding is required for basic applications, however it can effectively be extended and modified by advanced users to create unlimited new connectivity and features

Open source

Being open source lends Rapid to being more secure, have a higher code quality over proprietary systems, be open for innovation, and be part of a larger community of developers

Browser support

Rapid and apps built in Rapid are supported by a number of browsers, including IE8+, Chrome and Firefox

Strong support team

Our experienced team at Rapid offer full training, technical support, and custom development. Tedious, time consuming and expensive software projects will be a thing of the past when using the Rapid application tool

Give Developers the freedom, flexibility and edge they need!

Rapid will effectively aid you and the process of creating a data-rich web application for your organisation.

With Rapid’s simple, easy to use drag and drop interface you can create rich apps in minutes. With a low code requirement, friendly user interface and shallow learning curve, Rapid lends itself to the creation of quick, streamlined apps for many users. Capabilities for expansion are also present, with CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and Java.

Easy to use

With a simple interface loaded with hints and tips to inform you of how everything works, creating the app you want using Rapid is quick and effective

Drag and drop interface

The Rapid Designer has an extremely creative and simple to work around drag and drop interface. Adding controls and moving them around the page could not be easier

Extensive controls and events

The Rapid Designer offers a vast range of controls, including classics such as input boxes, drop-downs, checkboxes and tables. Each control has a number of ‘events’, such as clicks, mouse overs, changes, etc. These events can then have ‘actions’ applied to them, such as navigation, validation, data copying, databases and webservices

Endlessly customisable

With the tools available, it is possible to completely stylise your whole Rapid app. With a little CSS each of your apps can be fully personalised and can provide a unique experience for users

Backup notifications

The Rapid Designer will notify you to save your page in the event a change was made if you attempt to leave the page in any way. This feature avoids data loss and improves time management

Take Rapid to the next level with advanced skills!

Rapid’s unique and adaptable functionality allows the more advanced, technical programmers to extend, adapt and really explore the offerings of the Rapid tool.

If you’re feeling confident with your skills or are highly versed in the arts of programming, you can take your apps to the next level of personalisation! With access to the back-end it is possible to create your own actions, events and even controls! If you’re not one to shy away from a challenge, you can also create security adaptors for use with user groups from third party databases.

Highly optimised

Rapid is written in Java and the frontend uses jQuery, while the Data is passed in JSON. Controls and actions are defined in XML files and can easily be extended. Highly optimised, yet still easily readable; client-side JavaScript is created for actions and events. A Java class is provided for each action, combined with the client call and callback code; any functionality is possible

Customised creation

With access to the back-end, it is possible to create bespoke actions, events and even controls! Actions and events in Rapid can manipulate the back-end code in Java, and there is virtually no limit to what can be done, other than your own coding knowledge cap. Controls are more focused on manipulating the front-end of Rapid and are slightly more limited. They are written in XML, and the same applies for limits and coding knowledge

Third party integration

Webservices can be created using SOAP, restful XML or JSON, using SQL or Java classes! These are available for both your applications and third party utilities, making Rapid a great platform for cross-communication

Security adaptors and databases

Rapid has security adaptors that can limit who can access different areas of your app, or the app as a whole. The security adaptor can also be used to get users and roles from third party databases or active directory, giving an extra level of data authentication for your apps

Open Source

Open Source Initiative

Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone.

Open source software is made by many people, and distributed under licenses that comply with the Open Source Definition. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a global non-profit that supports and promotes the open source movement. Among other things, we maintain the Open Source Definition, and a list of licenses that comply with that definition.

Source: http://opensource.org/

Open Source Licence GPLv3